Bike n’Wine Experience

Discover the local vineyards on two wheels. Half-day experience incl. Electric bike tour, wine tasting, and Château visit.

Bike n’Beer Experience

Craving beer? Visit the local brewery and indulge in craft brews. Half-day experience incl. Electric bike tour and beer tasting.

Custom Bike Tours

Multi-day itineraries / Larger groups / Special requests? Contact us!

All Week


  • 09:00-13:00 – E-Bike n’Beer Discovery Tour – Craft Beer Tasting. More details.


  • 17:30-20:30 – Bike n’Wine Afterwork Apéro Ride (Intermediate level). More details.


  • 14:00-18:00 – E-Bike n’Wine Discovery Tour – Château Wine Tasting. More details.


  • 09:00-13:00 – E-Bike n’Beer Discovery Tour – Craft Beer Tasting. More details.
  • 17:30-21:00 – Bike n’Beer Afterwork Apéro Ride (Intermediate level). More details.


  • 09:30-13:00 – E-Bike n’Wine Discovery Tour – Château Wine Tasting. More details.




Our experiences are suitable for beginners (VAE – Electric Assisted Bicycle) as well as advanced riders (road bike).


Check our calendar regularly to see the upcoming organized outings.


Once we receive your booking, your participation is confirmed!

Discover the Enchantment of Electric Rides with French Riviera Like a Local on Two Wheels. A Bicycle Adventure with a Romantic Twist!

Embark on enchanting journeys along the picturesque routes of the French Riviera, steering our exclusive Stajvelo electric bicycles, hailing from the Principality of Monaco.

Fill out the form now to select the most convenient date for you. Get ready for an exceptional voyage, where you’ll uncover the charms of France effortlessly.

Bid farewell to all worries – our bicycles come fully equipped, including stylish bags, a practical charger, and an essential helmet. Your focus remains solely on enjoying pleasant moments together.

Reserve today and set off with us on an unforgettable journey!



French Riviera Like a Local is at your service for any request regarding the organization of eco-friendly events, particularly sports team-building activities promoting sustainable mobility – electric bikes or scooters, not forgetting the fun aspect – tasting local products. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance in organizing your authentic and friendly CSR seminars. Here is our non-exhaustive offer for 2023.


We provide a full range of half-day or full-day experiences that allow you to explore the off-the-beaten-path French Riviera actively, incorporating elements of the local cuisine, with local guides.


From the stomach to the heart – we invite you to savor the finest local specialties for an even more authentic experience.


All our reception venues or seminar locations are certified eco-friendly or have the Green Key label.


French Riviera Like a Local Cycling Club https://www.strava.com/clubs/frlikealocal

The true best of the French Riviera and its authenticity go beyond the beaches, yachts, and flashy spirit. To put it simply, it’s further from the coast but closer to the heart. Bike tours with tastings of local specialties (beer/wine/cheese…) are the perfect way to experience it.

  • Vélo dans l'après-midi
    On 2023-09-27 11:31 went 34.99 km during 02:13:43 hours climbing 559.40 meters burning 735 calories.
  • Marche dans l'après-midi
    On 2023-09-25 12:23 went 9.12 km during 02:25:24 hours climbing 259.50 meters burning 615 calories.
  • Wroclaw découverte en famille
    On 2023-09-23 12:31 went 35.56 km during 02:19:14 hours climbing 80.90 meters burning 497 calories.
  • Morning Ride
    On 2023-09-19 09:24 went 7.31 km during 00:16:36 hours climbing 13.00 meters burning 120 calories.
  • Evening Volley Ride JLP
    On 2023-09-13 20:03 went 20.87 km during 00:50:02 hours climbing 58.00 meters burning 320 calories.


A cycling retreat on the French Riviera in collaboration with Festka, Cafe du Cyclist, DSTNC.com, and Repente saddles. Col de Braus, Col d’Eze, Madonne d’Utelle, Col de la Madone, Cap d’Antibes, Col de Vence, among the iconic ascents we have conquered, along with numerous exclusive and fun activities.


Reaching success is easier with the support of the best partners. We work closely with the finest in the field. Don’t hesitate to join us on our journey!

Château de Crémat – A strategic partner and an impressive and prestigious reception venue, with a beautiful terracotta-colored facade, nestled on the hills of Nice. https://chateaucremat.com/

Château de Bellet – A 14th-century chapel and vineyard with a petanque field, nestled in the hills with breathtaking views. https://www.chateaudebellet.com/

Bluecoast Brasserie – A Niçoise brasserie with a true heritage and the taste of the sun. An original range of craft beers, made in the South. https://bluecoastbrewing.com/

HostnPop – Organizer of ephemeral events, offering Yoga, Brunch, or Bike experiences. A highly successful combination of leisure and well-being for women. https://hostnpop.com/

LifeSparkz – Danish cycling guide, Tina, well-established in the southern region for several years. A passionate storyteller and nature enthusiast. https://www.lifesparkz.net/

Rando d’Azur – Hiking guide and leader of bicycle rides (mountain biking), Maddy is a true professional and lover of nature and discovery. https://randodazur.com/

HEAVEN Travel – Receptive travel agency based in Nice, contact them for a tailor-made travel experience! https://www.heaventravel.fr/

Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Tourist Office – The metropolitan tourist office, where we are listed as their trusted service provider. https://www.explorenicecotedazur.com/

La Place Business – Thanks to the opportunity to join La Place Business, we work hand in hand for the development of local businesses and the connection of partners. https://laplacebusiness.com/

Business Club Côte d’Azur – One of the few Business Clubs that brings together almost exclusively expatriates from the French Riviera. Always filled with good vibes and an international spirit. https://businessclubcotedazur.com/

UPE06 – Union for Companies in the 06 (Alpes-Maritimes) – We are among the members of this dynamic network, bringing together at least 300 companies from the French Riviera. https://www.upe06.com/

Stajvélo – Our partner, a manufacturer of high-quality electric bikes, designed and made in Monaco 🇲🇨 https://www.stajvelo.com/

Vélo Guide – A platform connecting high-quality cycling guides from all over the world with clients looking to discover the region ‘like a local’. https://www.veloguide.com/

Brasserie Bleue – A small local brewery, nestled in the heart of Nice. A 100% family business, the result of a father-daughter collaboration, offering brewing workshops and tasting experiences. English-speaking. www.brasserie-bleue.fr


Upcoming events:

You can find the full description and later dates here:

Bike n’Beer Afterwork Apéro Ride (advanced level)


Bike n’Wine Afterwork Apéro Ride (advanced level)


E-Bike n’Beer Discovery Tour – Craft Beer Tasting


E-Bike n’Wine Discovery Tour – Château Wine Tasting


E-Bike n’Wine Discovery Tour – Château Wine Tasting



French Riviera Like a Local is an event agency based on the French Riviera that offers eco-friendly team-building activities (electric bikes, scooters, and hiking) in line with the “slow tourism” trend. We also organize visits to local breweries/vineyards for beer, wine, and cheese tastings, adding the element of “reward after the effort.”


A cycling guide, but above all, a lover of the region, its cuisine, and the locals – a deeply passionate connection between my three loves – cycling, event organization, and a taste for adventure. At French Riviera Like a Local, we firmly believe that the best way to immerse yourself in a region and truly discover it is through its inhabitants, their know-how, and the local culture. Our bike tours aim to refresh your perception of the world, connect you with people as if you were family or long-lost friends, and make you truly feel like a local.

Aleksandra Bursiak



A fantastic riding and beer tasting experience last weekend. Thanks Aleksandra for being the good vibes catalyst between the riders, and the Blue Coast beer brewer. A discovery so close to Nice, with as well an interesting bike ride itinerary prettified by panoramic views on wineyards along the way. Julien Malfait


En groupe, bien accompagné, j ai vécu une découverte heureuse adaptée aux amants d histoire, de vin et pour les curieux de traditions dans l’ authenticité de la Côte d Azur. Sans hésiter, allez goûter ces vins avec vos proches car la côte d azur n’est pas seulement plage et yachts. stefano matteucci


Perfect way to explore the region, immerse into local culture and meet new people! Aleksandra is your best host – very punctual, fun and knowledgable.

Roosi Mägi


The best bike ride we’ve ever done! Aleksandra was a great guide and we all had a fun, memorable tour. Would recommend to anyone looking to see the French Riviera from a bike!
Zack Deery
Zack Deery
Une très belle expérience sur la Côte d’Azur ! Alexandra est une guide professionnelle, bienveillante et passionnée de la région. Elle vous fera découvrir les plus beaux coins et paysages de la French Riviera et proposera une excursion adaptée à vos besoins. Une activité à ne pas manquer !
Anna Włodarz
Anna Włodarz
Thank you Alexandra. You’re an excellent tour guide. Very individual and personal. Highly recommended!
Michèle Stahel
Michèle Stahel
Aleksandra and Chris provided a wonderful service during my trip to Nice. I did two guided rides with them on amazing routes along the coast and into the mountains, which were spectacular! They were also very helpful providing me with local information and picking me up from the airport too. They are both helpful and friendly and I would highly recommend them for those looking to do cycling around Nice and the wider Cote d'Azur area!
Jonathan Mitchell
Jonathan Mitchell
I contacted Alessandra for help renting a bike she helped find the perfect road bike and set up with a local cyclist to tour some of the lesser known but neurotic areas. Some amazing riding, Climbing descending and in general great service. If want something spectacular use her for anything local in the French Riviera just plain awesome!
Joe Cohn
Joe Cohn
Aleks is a great tour guide! She knows all the best local spots! I contacted her for help with mountain and gravel biking in the area and even though this wasn’t her specialty she made all the connections so that I could have a great experience. She also shared information about great hikes, restaurants, beaches and various other insights that you can only get from a local. My vacation was much better having met her than it would have been. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s traveling to the French Riviera!
David Jones
David Jones
One of the best tours I have taken! Most beautiful sightseeing and contact with nature all aided by such a helpful, attentive and sweet tour guide!
Tom Beck
Tom Beck
We enjoyed our guided road ride with Aleksandra from Nice over the Col D’ Eze. In advance, she reserved bikes for us and designed an outing based on our requests. Everything went as planned and we had a wonderful day riding at a nice pace with incredible views. I highly recommend Aleksandra and riding in this area!
Felicia Olivera
Felicia Olivera
Always à good experience with @frenchrivieralikealocal 😊👌
Da Pi
Da Pi


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