Aleksandra Bursiak

This January witnessed a unique experience in Nice as the Tourist Office teamed up with French Riviera Like a Local to organize an exciting “edu-tour” on bicycles. This outing, designed to allow members of the Tourist Office and My Explore Bag team to test the new electric bikes from Stajvélo, a partner of French Riviera Like a Local, also served to strengthen their partnership in the realm of leisure and business tourism.

Key members from various divisions participated in this captivating adventure, adding a diverse dimension to the event. Léa from the leisure department, Bertrand from the conference and seminar organization department, along with Adrien and Emmanuel, founders of My Explore Bag and gravel cycling enthusiasts, all contributed to making this outing as enriching as it was entertaining.

The focal point of this cycling escapade was the impressive fleet of electric bikes provided by Stajvélo in collaboration with French Riviera Like a Local. These bikes, designed to offer a smooth and eco-friendly riding experience, sparked enthusiasm among participants who were able to test them throughout the carefully planned route.

The journey began at Café du Cycliste, an iconic spot for two-wheel enthusiasts. From there, the caravan of cyclists headed towards Mont Boron, making regular panoramic stops to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. The Port of Nice was also a must-visit, providing a lively atmosphere and stunning views of colorful boats.

The Promenade des Anglais and the Negresco Hotel added a touch of glamour to the itinerary, allowing participants to savor the history and splendor of Nice. The ride concluded with a playful exploration of the city organized by My Explore Bag. Under the guidance of Adrien and Emmanuel, participants engaged in a treasure hunt-style field game, discovering the hidden charms of Nice in an entertaining and interactive way.

The cherry on top was the final visit to Brasserie Bleue on Rue Defly, at the heart of Nice. Here, participants had the opportunity to relax, share their day’s experiences, and indulge in local craft beers, creating unforgettable memories.

Additionally, an exciting new adventure is on the horizon with the collaboration between French Riviera Like a Local and My Explore Bag. A bike-based discovery field game of the surroundings of Nice is in the works, promising to add a playful and interactive dimension to autonomous cycling outings. This new product will offer cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the hidden treasures of the Nice surroundings in an innovative way, making these outings even more essential and enjoyable.

This edu-tour not only served as an effective way for French Riviera Like a Local to showcase its fleet of electric bikes in partnership with Stajvélo but also strengthened ties among tourism partners. It demonstrated that cycling can be more than just a means of transportation but a true adventure, allowing participants to discover a destination in a unique and immersive way.

This collaboration between French Riviera Like a Local, the Tourist Office, and My Explore Bag promises to open new opportunities for leisure and business tourism in Nice. By combining the innovative electric technology of Stajvélo with the adventurous spirit of My Explore Bag, they have created an experience that will be etched in memories, showcasing that Nice has much more to offer than meets the eye.



By Aleksandra Bursiak|2024-06-09|

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