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Imagine a sunny day on the French Riviera, where the shimmering Mediterranean Sea meets the majestic peaks of the mountains in the background. It is in this dreamlike setting that the Bike n’Wine Casino Experience takes place—a groundbreaking fusion of outdoor adventure, exquisite wine tasting, and casino entertainment.

Panoramic Bike Exploration

The Bike n’Wine Casino Experience offers more than just an electric bike ride. It is an immersive adventure that allows you to discover the spectacular landscapes of the French Riviera. Pedaling along the coast provides breathtaking panoramic views, where the beauty of the sea harmoniously blends with the majestic peaks of the surrounding mountains.

Each pedal stroke becomes a sensory experience, offering a perfect fusion of physical effort and admiration for the coastal and mountain panoramas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Casino Excitement in Nature

After this sensory exploration, the experience continues with a touch of glamour and excitement typical of outdoor casinos. Picture yourself immersed in this natural environment, perhaps facing the sparkling sea, where gaming tables are set up for an open-play casino session.

Participants can enjoy playing a variety of casino games while savoring the refreshing sea breeze. The relaxed yet electric atmosphere offers a unique gaming experience, away from the usual hustle and bustle of traditional casinos.

Personalized Adventure

What makes the Bike n’Wine Casino Experience exceptional is its ability to be tailored to each occasion. Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a team-building day, or a special celebration, this experience can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of each group.

Luxury Hotels in the Spotlight

The Bike n’Wine Casino Experience has caught the attention of directors from renowned hotels, including establishments such as the Royal Riviera in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and the Hôtel la Vague de Saint Paul in Vence. Their directors were invited to participate in this unique experience, not only to appreciate its wonders but also to explore possibilities for future collaboration.

These luxury hotels, known for their exceptional service and enchanting settings, see the Bike n’Wine Casino Experience as an opportunity to offer their guests an additional experience during their stay on the French Riviera. The upcoming introduction of electric bikes in these establishments aligns with their commitment to promoting innovative and exclusive activities for their guests.

Promising Collaboration with Prestigious Hotels

Discussions during this experience day were fruitful. Hotel directors expressed keen interest in integrating the Bike n’Wine Casino Experience into the leisure activities offered to their guests. They see this adventure as an opportunity to diversify the offered experiences and provide their clientele with a unique way to discover the splendor of the French Riviera.

Hotel representatives also showed enthusiasm for the idea of offering guests the opportunity to enjoy electric bike rides in the picturesque surroundings of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and Vence. These bike excursions would be a perfect extension of the luxurious experience already offered by these hotel establishments.

Future Integration of Electric Bikes in Luxury Hotels

Following these successful discussions, it was agreed that prestigious hotels, such as the Royal Riviera and Hôtel la Vague de Saint Paul, are seriously considering introducing electric bikes into their leisure services. This new perspective excites both hotel directors and guests, paving the way for a promising collaboration with the Bike n’Wine Casino Experience team.

This future integration of electric bikes into these renowned hotels promises to offer guests an additional opportunity to explore the wonders of the region, combining luxurious accommodation with ecological and picturesque exploration of the French Riviera.


The Bike n’Wine Casino Experience has transcended the boundaries of a simple adventure by combining the excitement of electric biking on the French Riviera, exquisite wine tasting, and outdoor casino entertainment. Its success and appeal have even captured the attention of luxury hotel directors, opening new prospects for innovative collaboration between the experience and the renowned hotel industry in the region.

In the future, hotel guests at establishments like the Royal Riviera and Hôtel la Vague de Saint Paul will be able to enjoy the unique experience offered by electric bike rides in these spectacular settings, enriching their stay with exciting and exclusive activities.



By Aleksandra Bursiak|2024-06-09|

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