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Team French Riviera Like a Local presents a fleet of electric bicycles straight from the finest Monacan manufacturer Stajvelo. These are high-quality bikes in our signature colors – beautiful blue and burgundy – they will be your perfect companions for conquering the azure coast. Whether you’re still working on your fitness or simply want to explore these beautiful places in a different way.


Nomades bikes from Stajvelo – The ideal ally for your daily trips

“The Nomads is the most versatile electric bike in our range. Built for the daily routine and city scene, it has all the advantages relating to your daily use. Thanks to the Nomads you save time for all your trips. Equipped with mudguards and luggage racks, it is your new essential accessory for riding around town.”

The Nomades bicycles (unisex) and Nomades (men’s) R are lightweight carbon electrics. Equipped with a built-in combination lock, bags that can be used as a tote, fenders (rain won’t stop us, but just in case – you’re covered!), and most importantly – helmets! We also provide chargers for longer trips. The handlebars come with a built-in computer, odometer, power meter, and lights (rear lights including).

The bicycles feature SRAM mechanical derailleurs, with a single front chainring and an 11-speed drivetrain. Universal tires. Sturdy MAGURA MT Sport disc brakes. The handlebars have an elastomer that absorbs shocks on uneven terrain.


Bike Type Size Weight Frame Motor
Nomades R man L / 56 Carbone Carbone 250W – Couple 70 Nm
Nomades R man M / 54 ~17,8kg Carbone Carbone 250W – Couple 70 Nm
Nomades unisex L / 56 Aluminium 250W – Torque 75 Nm
Nomades unisex M / 54 ~19,2kg Aluminium 250W – Torque 75 Nm
Nomades unisex S / 52 Aluminium 250W – Torque 75 Nm
Bike Type Size
Nomades R man L / 56
Nomades R man M / 54
Nomades unisex L / 56
Nomades unisex M / 54
Nomades unisex S / 52


Just € 85

per day / bike!

With all the extras like a basket, bag, charger…



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Bicycles are provided with: a built-in code lock; an optional pannier with the ability to detach and carry as a bag; an optional helmet.

Weight: Man size M ~17,8kg, Unisex size M ~19,2kg

Rental cost: €85 per 1 bike a day

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