Aleksandra Bursiak

A Journey Through Culture, Art, and Gastronomy

Imagine a world where culture intertwines with creativity, where local talents shine bright, and where celebration takes on a whole new dimension. This world comes to life through “L’Art de la Fête,” a captivating initiative envisioned by Soraya Bahsoun, an entrepreneur from the French Riviera and the Public Relations Head at Château de Crémat. The aim is to promote contemporary culture in Nice and the broader Azuréen region by highlighting its diverse talents.

The Mission Behind “L’Art de la Fête”

The objective of “L’Art de la Fête” is crystal clear: to spotlight the contemporary culture of Nice and the Azuréen region while celebrating local artists and artisans. These remarkable talents span a range of disciplines, from gastronomy to painting, sculpture, fashion, and jewelry. “The keywords are discovery, sharing, conviviality, indulgence, feel-good vibes, but also magic and surprise,” explains Soraya Bahsoun. A full day of immersive experiences awaits visitors, punctuated by various activities throughout the day. With over 3500 m² of exhibition space, the event is anticipated to draw nearly 3,000 visitors.

Mark Your Calendar for September 9th and 10th: A Showcase of Hidden Treasures

Save the dates for September 9th and 10th, as these are the days when the second edition of “L’Art de la Fête” will unfold. It’s a perfect occasion to uncover hidden gems and explore the myriad talents that thrive in the region.

Meeting the Artists and Artisans of Our Region

During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet around fifty exhibitors—whether they are established artisans or emerging talents—set up amidst the gardens of Château de Crémat. Among them are caterers, restaurateurs, local producers, creators, artists, and merchants. This variety promises to delight your senses, from sight to taste!

Within the gardens and also in the Marie Hall and the glass-enclosed area, a plethora of activities awaits. Culinary demonstrations with the Château’s cooking workshop, the creation of “Petits Galets de Nice,” a signature pastry from Crémat, the composition of mini bouquets with Maison Favelita, the crafting of niche perfumes with Maison Godet, and even the opportunity to discover the “Bougie by Maison TCHIN TCHIN,” a limited Crémat edition candle! The offerings don’t stop there—live music, food trucks, and many other surprises await. A petanque court adds a touch of a traditional French guinguette atmosphere to the setting.

Embark on Unprecedented Experiences

In addition to workshops and demonstrations by local artisans and artists, exceptional multisensory performances will take center stage within the heart of Château de Crémat throughout the weekend.

Don’t miss the Sunday, September 10th, 4:00 PM visual spectacle by Sylvia Rainguez. With her “Body Painting Golden vibes,” this Niçoise artist will create a living artwork accompanied by a musical ambiance.

On Saturday, September 9th, it’s time for a cabaret with the troupe from the Théâtre National de Nice. Starting at 7:30 PM on the Baie des Anges terrace of Château de Crémat, you’ll step into a special 1930s-themed evening! A musical performance led by Bénédicte Allard’s vocals and François Barucco on the piano will take you on a musical journey.

Throughout these two days, Mademoiselle Riviera offers you an original and unforgettable experience: a deudeuche ride to visit the Bellet domain. An exciting discovery followed by a wine tasting from the domain, all priced at 25 euros per person.

For the foodies, enjoy the “Les Douceurs en Fête” show and an unprecedented Pavlova workshop in a vintage ambiance with the Fabrik des garçons, Sam and Fab.

For sports enthusiasts or the curious, an electric bike animation is also provided by the French Riviera Like a Local agency, as well as a tasting of the local Blue Coast Beer.

Discovering Château de Crémat

Château de Crémat, a neo-Tuscan gem, hangs gracefully on the hills of Bellet. Surrounded by vineyards, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the Mediterranean Sea.

This iconic location hosts exceptional events. Its history dates back to the early 20th century when Antoine Mari, a prosperous Niçois olive oil merchant, constructed the Château on the land of his ancestors, “Li plana de Mari.” His contribution played a pivotal role in the revival of the Bellet vineyard.

The most famous secret dates back to the roaring twenties when the eccentric Irène Bretz, a wealthy shareholder of an American railway company, transformed the Château with the architectural firm Charles Dalmas (originally responsible for the Carlton in Cannes). She hosted the elite of the time, including Gabrielle Chanel, who is said to have drawn inspiration from the intertwined double Cs of Château de Crémat, creating the iconic logo for her prestigious fashion house.

Don’t miss the immersive tours offered by Jay Kynesios, mentalist hypnotist, on Saturday, September 9th, to relive the Coco Chanel era (every hour between 11:30 AM and 5:30 PM). An exceptional opportunity to dive into the history of this iconic location and relive its glamorous ambiance.

“L’Art de la Fête” at Château de Crémat promises to ignite all your senses, from artistic discovery to culinary pleasures and captivating performances. It’s a vibrant tribute to the Niçois and Azuréen creative scene, a celebration of innovation and artistic diversity that make this region an extraordinary cultural crossroads. Prepare to be amazed, moved, and immersed in an experience that will remain etched in your memory long after the event concludes.


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