Aleksandra Bursiak

In September, we organized our very first cycling and wine tasting visit to Domaine des Hautes Collines. A group of 6 cyclists from different nationalities (Poland, Italy, France) gathered to share a common passion: exploring the beauty of the region by bike while savoring delicious wines. This day promised fascinating discoveries and moments of conviviality to be experienced together.

A Diverse Group of Enthusiasts

Our group of cyclists was a melting pot of nationalities, united by a shared passion for cycling and the love of the outdoors. Each of us sought to discover the region in a different way, immersing ourselves in its picturesque landscapes and being guided by curiosity and wonder. This diversity created a friendly and enriching atmosphere right from the start of our adventure.

The Departure: A Meeting Point in Antibes

We chose Antibes as our starting point since one of the participants needed to rent a bike. The excitement was palpable as we all gathered, ready to pedal together into the unknown. The sun, initially shy, quickly showed its best side, as if wanting to join us on our journey.

The Cycling Loop: 61 km of Natural Beauty

Our cycling loop took us through enchanting landscapes, picturesque villages, and winding trails. With a total distance of 61 km and an elevation of 600 m, the day promised to be an exhilarating adventure. We took the time to soak in the natural beauty surrounding us, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the sun caress our skin. Each pedal stroke brought us closer to discovering Domaine des Hautes Collines.

The Magic of Time: Sun and Good Energy

Despite uncertain forecasts, the weather turned out to be perfect, as if the sun had decided to accompany us throughout our escapade. Once again, we witnessed the power of cycling and nature to offer us magical moments and create a positive atmosphere around us.

Domaine des Hautes Collines: An Organic Wine Tasting

Our much-awaited visit to Domaine des Hautes Collines was a true reward. We were warmly welcomed into this exceptional winery, renowned for offering outstanding organic wines. The tasting included 5 types of wines, each telling a unique story of the terroir and the winemakers’ craftsmanship.

We savored each sip with delight, allowing the enchanting aromas and subtle flavors to marvel our taste buds. Domaine des Hautes Collines is a true treasure of the region, providing visitors with an authentic wine experience full of discoveries.

Cherished Memories

The cycling and wine tasting visit to Domaine des Hautes Collines was an unforgettable experience for our diverse group of enthusiasts. We shared moments of joy, camaraderie, and wonder in the face of the region’s beauty. Cycling allowed us to connect with nature and discover picturesque landscapes, while the wine tasting awakened our senses and allowed us to celebrate life’s pleasures.

If you’re looking for a unique cycling and winery getaway, join us for our upcoming “French Riviera Like a Local” adventures. Discover the region in a different way, explore its hidden treasures by bike, and taste the magic of organic wines from Domaine des Hautes Collines. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or a lover of good tastings, this experience will leave you with cherished memories and bonds to forge within a dynamic and friendly community. So, get ready to experience unforgettable moments as we cycle through the natural beauty of the French Riviera, discovering the region “Like a Local” with us!


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