Aleksandra Bursiak

At the very beginning of the season, we had the pleasure of organizing the Yoga n’Bike Retreat – an escape just an hour away from Nice, in the village of La Penne, at Domaine de la Plume.

Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in France, the hinterland of Nice is a true paradise for nature, yoga, and cycling enthusiasts. Nestled between picturesque mountains and authentic villages, this place offers a peaceful retreat where the body, mind, and soul can rejuvenate. Imagine practicing yoga outdoors, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and then hopping on your bicycle to explore breathtaking landscapes. A yoga and cycling retreat in the hinterland of Nice is a unique experience that allows you to connect with yourself and the surrounding nature.

Yoga in Nature

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps cultivate inner peace, flexibility, and physical strength. In the hinterland of Nice, you’ll find natural spaces perfect for practicing yoga outdoors. Picture unrolling your mat in the heart of a shaded clearing, beside a sparkling river, or on a terrace with panoramic mountain views. Yoga retreats in this region offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature while deepening your yoga practice under the guidance of experienced instructors.

The serenity of the places and the calming energy of nature will allow you to explore your practice further, whether it’s Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, or any other form of yoga. Morning meditation sessions in this enchanting setting will be a special moment to realign and find inner harmony.

Exploration on Bicycle

In addition to the benefits of yoga, the retreat in the hinterland of Nice also offers a perfect opportunity to explore the region by bicycle. With its winding roads offering panoramic views, charming hilltop villages, and picturesque trails, this region is a true paradise for cyclists of all levels.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist looking for new challenges or a bike enthusiast seeking peaceful rides, the hinterland of Nice will fulfill your desires. You can pedal at your own pace, stop at local cafes, savor regional products, and engage with the friendly locals.

Balance Between Yoga and Cycling

The combination of yoga and cycling during this retreat offers an ideal balance between physical activity and relaxation. Yoga sessions will help stretch and relieve the muscles used during your bike rides, while cycling will allow you to discover remote areas and fully appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Local Cuisine and Well-Being

An essential aspect of this retreat is the food. You’ll have the chance to indulge in delicious and healthy local cuisine, highlighting fresh regional produce. Balanced and nutritious meals will nourish your body and enhance the benefits of your yoga practice and cycling excursions.

The yoga and cycling retreat in the hinterland of Nice is a unique opportunity to recharge, reconnect with nature and yourself, while uncovering the hidden treasures of this magnificent French region. From inspiring yoga sessions to unforgettable bike rides and the delights of local cuisine, this experience will leave you with lasting memories, returning home with a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to this exceptional escape in the hinterland of Nice to find harmony of body and mind and to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this enchanting region.

Wine Tasting at Domaine de Glandèves

At the end of our Yoga n’Bike retreat in the heart of the hinterland of Nice, we visited Domaine de Glandèves, a haven of peace nestled amid lush green hills. This vineyard is renowned for producing exceptional natural wines, cultivated with passion and respect for nature. During your yoga and cycling retreat, a visit to Domaine de Glandèves will allow you to discover the art of organic viticulture and taste authentic wines with unique flavors.

The approach of Domaine de Glandèves in favor of natural wines aligns perfectly with the spirit of well-being and respect for nature of your retreat. The vineyard’s winemakers implement environmentally-friendly practices, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and promoting sustainable cultivation methods. The result of these efforts is wine that fully expresses the personality of the terroir and the richness of the Nice landscape.

During your visit, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the vineyard owners, who will guide you through the vineyards and the steps of winemaking. You’ll learn more about the process of producing natural wines and the ecological choices that make these wines so special. The tasting that follows will be a true culinary adventure, where you can savor delicate wines with unique flavors, in perfect harmony with the nature that nurtured them.

This wine tasting experience at Domaine de Glandèves will allow you to immerse yourself further into the local culture and understand the importance of preserving the natural treasures of the region. The conviviality of the place, combined with the exceptional quality of the wines offered, will make this tasting a memorable and authentic moment.

The wine tasting at Domaine de Glandèves is a moment of sweetness and discovery at the heart of your yoga and cycling retreat in the hinterland of Nice. This enriching experience will reconnect you with the land, local produce, and the richness of the local culture. By combining the benefits of yoga, the joys of cycling, and the pleasures of tasting natural wines, this retreat will be a holistic experience that soothes your senses and nourishes your soul. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to this unique journey where relaxation, exploration, and wine tasting harmoniously come together to create unforgettable memories.