Aleksandra Bursiak

Step into a world where business meets pleasure, where stunning landscapes merge with fine wines, and where networking takes on an adventurous twist. We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to a remarkable edition of Business Club Côte d’Azur, co-organized with French Riviera Like a Local – an event that promises not just connections, but an unforgettable experience. Get ready for the Bike n’Wine Networking event at the picturesque Château de Bellet, a fusion of cycling, history, exquisite wines, and vibrant networking.

A Collaborative Endeavor

Powered by the vision of Aleksandra, one of our esteemed business members and the founder of Bike n’Wine tours, this special event is the result of a dynamic collaboration. This time, we’ve combined forces to curate an experience that encapsulates the essence of the French Riviera lifestyle – the harmony between outdoor adventure and the indulgence of local culture.

The Journey: E-Bike Adventure to Château de Bellet

Imagine embarking on a guided scenic e-bike tour, led by Aleksandra herself. Starting from the charming city of Nice, this route will weave through iconic landmarks such as the Promenade des Anglais and the backcountry of Nice, offering breathtaking panoramic views along the way. As the gentle hum of e-bikes accompanies your journey, the coastal breeze and the anticipation of what lies ahead create an exhilarating atmosphere.

Château de Bellet: A Journey into History and Wine

Upon reaching the Château de Bellet, a fascinating chapter of history unfolds. Immerse yourself in a guided tour of the château, where stories of the past meet the elegance of the present. Learn about the rich heritage of this enchanting place, which has witnessed centuries of change and progress. And what better way to celebrate the fusion of history and culture than indulging in a wine tasting experience? Savor locally produced wines that carry the essence of the region, accompanied by insights into their intricate creation process.

The Culmination: A Networking Apéro with a View

As the sun begins its descent, marking the transition from day to evening, gather for a relaxed social networking apéro, known as the ‘meetup’. With a panoramic backdrop of the domain, engage in conversations with fellow English speakers who share the allure of the French Riviera. Amidst laughter and exchanges, connections are forged, and a sense of community blossoms.

Ticket Options and Discounts

Choose your preferred experience with two distinctive ticket options. The “Full Experience” ticket includes the guided e-bike tour and e-bike rental, ensuring a comprehensive immersion into the adventure. Alternatively, opt for the “Château Tour, Wine Tasting & Meetup” ticket for a more concentrated exploration of the Château’s history and the pleasure of wine tasting.

For a touch of added delight, take advantage of a 10% discount by signing up for a free membership trial. Not only will you secure your spot for this event at a reduced rate, but you’ll also unlock free access to all future meetup events.

Additional Information and Considerations

The event is designed to be a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation, with e-bike rental and a guided tour included in the “Full Experience” ticket. The wine tasting features three glasses of wine (125ml each), allowing you to savor the local flavors to the fullest. While additional drinks and beverages can be ordered from the bar, it’s important to note that this event is exclusively for adults – no kids or pets are allowed.

Why You Should Join this Edition of Business Club Côte d’Azure Networking

The Business Club  journey to the French Riviera was marked by the absence of a vibrant community and professional network. Formal events left us yearning for a different approach :  creating a community for English speakers from around the world, where connections are fostered in a relaxed atmosphere. Our aim is simple: to bring together like-minded individuals, allowing natural camaraderie to flourish against the backdrop of the stunning French Riviera.

A Fusion of Networking and Adventure

As you pedal through scenic routes, savor exquisite wines, and engage in vibrant conversations, the Bike n’Wine Networking event promises an experience that transcends conventional networking. It’s a celebration of culture, history, camaraderie, and the beauty of the French Riviera. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a wine enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique networking experience, join us for a journey that encapsulates the heart and soul of this remarkable region. Seize the opportunity to expand your horizons, both professionally and personally, in an event that seamlessly blends business with the pleasures of life.


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