Aleksandra Bursiak

Unveiling the Secrets of Cannes with the Carlton Hotel

When it comes to the French Riviera, the name Cannes instantly evokes images of glamour, cinematic stars, and pristine beaches. But there’s more to this beautiful city than meets the eye. To offer a unique perspective to our esteemed guests, we recently organized a Familiarization (Fam) Trip in partnership with the iconic Carlton Hotel in Cannes. Our chosen mode of exploration? Guided e-bike tours.

The ‘Secret Cannes’ E-Bike Tour

For 2.5 hours, our guests embarked on the ‘Secret Cannes’ e-bike tour, an exciting journey designed to uncover the hidden treasures of this celebrated city. This tour was a blend of history, culture, panoramic views, culinary delights, and the thrill of electric bikes.

The Croisette: A Taste of Elegance

Our adventure began along the famous Croisette, the glamorous waterfront avenue known for its luxury boutiques, hotels, and the Cannes Film Festival. This iconic promenade is often associated with red carpets and flashing cameras, but we were here to reveal a different side. With the sea breeze in our hair and the gentle hum of our e-bikes, we explored this legendary stretch, learning about its history and the fascinating stories behind the grand hotels that line it.

The Californie Quarter: A Touch of Opulence

As we left the Croisette, our e-bikes carried us to the prestigious Californie quarter. This area is known for its opulent villas and stunning gardens. Riding through its tree-lined avenues, we felt like we had entered a realm of luxury and exclusivity. The guide shared stories of the famous residents who have called this neighborhood home, from royals to renowned authors.

Panoramic Views: Awe-Inspiring Vistas

One of the highlights of the tour was the ascent to a panoramic viewpoint that revealed Cannes in all its glory. As we effortlessly glided up the hill on our e-bikes, we were rewarded with breathtaking views of the city, the Mediterranean Sea, and the surrounding landscapes. It was a moment to capture in photographs and memories.

Dégustation Stop: Culinary Delights

Cannes is not just about its sights; it’s also about its flavors. At a carefully selected stop, we indulged in a dégustation. Our guests were treated to local delicacies, including socca, zucchini flowers (depending on the season), pissaladière, pan bagnat and other, which can be completed with some fine chocolate from local chocolaterie and wines. It was a moment to savor the authentic tastes of Cannes.

The Suquet: A Step Back in Time

The tour concluded with a leisurely ride to the Suquet, the old town of Cannes. This charming district is steeped in history, with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and the stunning Notre-Dame de l’Espérance church. This is where we also took a group picture, with a panoramic view over the port and the bay of Cannes.

Conclusion: A Memorable Fam Trip Experience

Our Fam Trip with the Carlton Hotel in Cannes was a unique and memorable experience. It was a chance to see Cannes from a different perspective, to unveil its hidden gems and celebrate its rich history and culture. The e-bikes added an element of fun and adventure to the journey, making it an experience that our guests won’t soon forget.

As we wrapped up our ‘Secret Cannes’ e-bike tour, we were left with a deeper appreciation for this enchanting city. Cannes is not just about its glitz and glamour; it’s a place where history, culture, and natural beauty come together to create an unforgettable destination. We look forward to welcoming more guests to experience the ‘Secret Cannes’ and discover the city’s well-kept secrets in the future.